Changing the PUBLISH email address for Aggregate


When I publish the data from Aggregate, it tells me to enter an email address and says that I would not be able to change it. My question is, is it possible to reset it or modify it later on?


Instead of Publish go for export, in this case, you will be able to get data easily.

I read about exporting data from here.

Now coming to your question you need to enter the same email address which you entered at the time of setting up your server it's not possible to update or change email id once you set up the server. And publishing gives me the error.

I try to do export data not publish. or I use Briefcase CLI.


EXPORT is a manual process, while PUBLISH streams the incoming data to destination automatically.

Above Aggregate version 1.4.11 (i think), you don't need email address to set it up. Instead, you can just give username (and password is aggregate). Hence I did not enter the email at that time. However, PUBLISH dialogue asked me for email, and I gave test email to test it. Now I am exploring options about how to change it.

I use API and those are also automatically export data into a csv file. I want my data into the csv file.
So, I believe that if depends on user needs. If you need only CSV files then Briefcase CLI is the best option for you.

Even I don't know method of changing email. I think @yanokwa and @LN can help us.

Interesting question, @Saad.

I think the email address you enter is given access to the Google document when you publish to Google Sheets or Google Fusion Tables. I see now that you are also asked for it when you publish to a JSON server, and I don't know why that is. Maybe it's a bug? @W_Brunette, do you know why?

As to the ability to change the email address, I don't see any place to do that in the UI. Your only option is to delete the publisher and create another one.

@yanokwa is correct, the reason it asks for the google account is because you need to give authorization to Aggregate to create a Google Fusion Tables or a Google Spreadsheet in your Google account. I have a vague recollection that at some point some users wanted to enforce privileges on the JSON publish feature to another server. My guess is that was a one off case, someone would need to research in the code.

The ability to change the email address creates complications because the system needs to create a new Fusion Table or Spreadsheet correctly with the appropriate permissions. Therefore, deleting and creating a new publisher is essentially the same code path that would need to occur to change an email address. There may be an API to change ownership of a document via a Google API which would be another alternative method of implementation.