Checking if a non required date field is blank

Hi all, trying to check if a non required date field is blank or rather has no value entered so I can use it in as skip pattern. I have tried looking this up on the internet but there is no clear and consise answer for this
I have tried using the ${date_field_name} = '' but this doesnt seem to work. Thanks

Hi @aonomike

I think this is what you need:
dateTest.xml (1.2 KB)
dateTest.xlsx (5.7 KB)

Hi @Grzesiek2010 is there a way this can be solved using the length of the input in the datetime field? I am not able to successfuly use the ${date_field}=null in aggregate version 1.4

Hi @aonomike,

Yes. You can check the string length by using string-length(${yourVariableName}) . While checking length you have to use numbers not null . For example string-length(${yourVariableName})=0.

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does this work for date fields as well? I have tried using it for skips and it doesnt seem to work @SGSC

Hello @aonomike,

No for date fields you have to choose another way as mentioned In this page . Once see the decimal-date-time or decimal-date operator in that page.

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@SGSC how then do you check if a user has entered no value in a date field? the answer given by @Grzesiek2010 above seems right but doesnt work on my aggregate version 1.4.

@Grzesiek2010 sorry, I think the problem was coz I was testing in enketo. When I test on an android device it works fine, but since I am using a datepicker, there is no time the date is null. Thanks