Choice filter and select multiple - require a section from each filter

If I have a choice_filter cascading select using select_multiple questions, is there a way to ensure that the second question requires the user to select an option from each of the choice groups added by the first question? That is, if the user selects both letters and numbers from the "types" question, is there a way to require them to select both a letter and a number - so that the screenshot on the right would fail form validation. cascade_multiple_filters.xlsx (9.8 KB)


The "relevance" feature works on questions not responses. Why not split the question one for letter responses and the other for number responses?

That's a thought. However, this is a simplified example and the end use-case is administrative areas. So there are a larger number of possible types, and the preference is to have all the selections in one field in the output.

If you are using ODK Collect:

  • I think that a way to use the least amount of work is to provide a color for each set of options, say blue for "letters" and green for "numbers", you can check how here. You can color the "What types?" options as well so it gives a clue to the user, so if "letters" is blue and then on the "What selections?" a bunch of options are blue it gives a visual hint.
  • And speaking of hints, you can add a hint saying: "select at least one option for each color". It'll easily explain to the user what is expected to be answered.
  • Validation in that scenario is obviously tricky, but you might be able to use a calculation that sets the minimum number of selections on the "what selections?" question equal to the number of options selected in the "What types?" question. It is not a perfect validator as the user can select two letters and it will be accepted, but with the visual aid, the hint and the calculation you might be able to reduce the failure ratio.

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Creative! However, the person needs it to work in Enketo.