Choice_filter based on responses to previous select_one (yes/no) questions

Hi all

I am interested in creating a choice list for a select_one question that is based on the participants' responses to 8 separate yes/no questions.

First they are asked whether they used product A, product B, product C... selecting yes or no to each (we deliberately do not have this as a select multiple question as in piloting, participants weren't considering the entire list).

Then we would like to know the main product they used. I would like the choices to be only those that they responded "yes" to previously.

Is there a way to do this with choice_filter? Any ideas or advice would be appreciated!

Thank you

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You can achieve what you want to do with a appropriate choice_filter clause.
Here is an example :

Choice_filter_based_on_select_one_questions.xlsx (9,3 Ko)

The calculate (line 9) concatenates the products names selected in previous select_one questions.

In the choice_filter of the select_multiple question you just need to check whether the "used_products" variable contains the current option name.

Another option : the rank question type may be relevant for your need ?

Thank you for the welcome & quick input! This is very helpful