Choice filter depent Age


Well Im new in ODK and I try to create a form with a lot of validations.

  1. I calculate the age depending on the birth date, after I need to create this validation:

If age < 18 Document Type = TI
If age >= 18 Document Type = CC

  1. I need a regex, that only receives capital letters.

Can someone help me? please.

Please make sure to review, which should explain how to accomplish these constraint checks. If you still have any questions afterwards please post back.

Hi @Xiphware, yes I check ODK documentation before posting the question and I try difrent methods or formulas, but it doesn't work :pensive: in the case 1, and in the case 2 its not clear for me the construction of the expresion I try this: regex(.,'[A-Z]'), but it doesn't work.

hi @Samuel_Pineros

regex(., "^[A-Z]{1,10}$") will allow you to enter only uppercase text minimum length 1 to max length 10.

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Thanks @aurdipas, I have a quiestion, Is it mandatory to stipulate the length? Is there an option to apply to all the text that the user enters?

Hi @Samuel_Pineros,


No, you have to apply the regex for all the text question you want to check.

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anyway the limit of a text field is by default 255 so you can specify regex(., "^[A-Z]{1,255}$")
If you want longer text then look here

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Thanks @dicksonsamwel, can you help me with point number 1.? It's possible to do this?

Thanks again @aurdipas, can you help me with point number 1.? It's possible to do this?

One option will be to use a hidden calculate question. After getting the age, you can use if statement to set the DocumentType variable.
ie if(${age} >= 18, 'CC', 'TI')

Actually strictly speaking its not. The regex qualifier '*' will match zero or more; the qualifier '+' will match 1 or more. So the following will ensure all the chars are uppercase:

regex(., "^[A-Z]*$")