Choice filter for dynamic list of household members XLS


I am working with a household roster where I need to present 1. Married and 2. Female household members only after repeat group has ended. I can display list of household members from choices sheet fine. But when I try to filter using "sex" and "married" columns in the same sheet, no members are found (or even if i try to filter from just one column, nothing shows up). Only choice filter that works is: name <= ${mem_count} (display only until the member count).

My question is that can we choice filter dynamically on the user entered data as in the attachment?

Thank you for the assistance!

choices.xlsx (9.3 KB)

Hi @Ayub

something like this is possible: choiceFilter.xls (7.5 KB)

does that solve your problem?

Thanks Grzesiek!, this approached works with the static data or pre-entered data in the choices. Will it be possible if same column i.e. group is getting its values from variables calculated in the survey sheet?