Choice filter for previously chosen answers

1. Hello, I would like to know how to add a choice filter for options that were chosen in a previous question, to then only those chosen options appear for another question that comes next?

2. - Desktop. Uploading excel documents

Hi @ibtissamharb
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could you be a bit more specific and describe what exactly you want to achieve?
If you need help with choice filter this might be helpful:
If your problem is related to ONA it's better to ask there:!forum/ona-community

Yes for instance i will give you my exact question.

1- where do you receive your health care services?
a) X
b) Y
c) Z
(answers here are multiple response)

2- Are you receiving good customer service in each of:
a) X
b) Y
c) Z
(Answers here are Yes/No)

3- How much do you pay on average for each of the services received?

(HERE, i want all options that were selected in #1 and answered with a yes on #2. i wanted to use a choice filter for this option.)

How is that possible ?
Thank you