Choices from geojson attachment are not showing in Collect select from map

Hello finally after a few months of struggle I managed to install central. The draft test with enketo is going well But the test with the odk collect mobile application Gives me the error " node for itemset doesn't exist! [Instance(support)/root/item/title ].

I don't know where this error comes from. I attached a support.geojson file to my project

Which form elements are named: "support" and "title"? Where/how are you referencing them, e.g. in a jr:choice-name() function?

Support.geojson is an attachment file of the form I use select_one_from_file To display list items.

Could you share the related part of your form and the external file, please?

I trust you know the documentation:


Here is attachment file
here is my forms
forms_support.xlsx (10.1 KB)

Would you mind to check your form with Central test option or with the the Online validator, please, and first clean the issues:


Here are few more hints and examples to study, please: Ability to load locations into the geowidget to guide data collection - #39 by LN and Where can I find sample forms for select one from GeoJSON? - #2 by LN. (More can be founy with the seach function of this forum.)

Thank you so much I fixed all these errors The form displays fine but none are displayed on the map

I have this message at the bottom of the card "choices 179731 ( 0 chow on the map)

What could be the problem?

Hi @steeve_kevin
please attach your geojson file. It doesn't seem to be available through the link you have provided above.

Good evening @Grzesiek2010 My problem has been resolved It was a coordinate system problem I wasn't using the correct projection system . Thank you so much

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That's a lot of choices! We have not yet optimized performance for select from map and have not extensively tested large choice lists. Is it usable? I would highly recommend testing on the devices that your field staff will have if they are less performant than the device you use. You may also find the warning at the top of the documentation helpful.