Choose one from a list and get another choose one list

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Hello there, I Saneesh from India. I am doing a survey on monitoring trees in many sites (30) sites, in each site I have tagged several trees. I have a list of sites (i.e. APC1, APC2,... APC30) and given codes to each tree (i.e.10 trees, 8 trees, ...7 trees) in each site. Is there a way to choose one site and get list of trees that belong only to the respective site? (i.e. choose one APC2 and see list of belong 8 trees)
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Using ODK Collect V1.27.0

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Hi @Saneesh

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There a couple of ways you can do that. I encourage you to search the forum and checkout the documentation.

Start by checking out this:

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Thanks a lot. I used the following cf=${site} in the choice_filter and gave my choices.
It was so helpful.



I succeeded in making the odk ( but I got into another issue when I was attempting not to see the already marked tree.

FormLogicError: Could not evaluate: /model/instance[1]/data/plot_info/tree_info/position, message: Context node was not supplied.
Here is the link-