Citrus, pennies, wine glass challenge

(Bringing this to the forum from Slack.)

Last one: you get a small round slice of citrus (lime will do), a small dinner plate with a quarter inch of water in it, a large wine glass, three pennies, and a box of matches. You can't move the plate at all, once it's set on the table and filled with the water. You've got to get all of the water off the plate and into the wine glass. An elegant solution uses all the items. Have fun!

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Put the three coins at the centre of the plate.
Now put the lime slice over it so that it doesn't touch the water.
Next, put the match sticks on the lime slice in a vertical position (as many as possible).
Light the match sticks and quickly cover them with the wine glass.
Water will get sucked in the glass in a few seconds !!!