Close or continue constraint

hello, i am trying to set up a constraint that can terminate a respondent that is not qualified and if qualified continue when ask some certain questions that the answer the respondents gave qualified he or she to go the next question or not. please help
e.g less than 18 - close,18-25-continue, 26-35- continue etc

You can create initial question(s) to determine the qualifications of the respondent, and then put the remaining part of the survey in a group and put a relevant condition on the group that will only show the questions if the relevant conditions for the qualifications is met. It will not "terminate" the survey, but all the questions will be blank and you can filter out those rows when you export the data. You could also add a calculate question to create a column with a true/false value for the qualification and use that column to filter out the "terminated" respondents.

You can also use various relevant conditions on individual questions within your main group of questions. Does this help?


working on it as u suggested, i will keep you posted about my outcome. thanks

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Hell Olanike, I saw your post, and i think i have similar problem too. Pls kindly cycle back if you have found solution to the problem. Thanks

Per @danbjoseph earlier answer, the following (psuedo-XLS) should largely accomplish what the original poster was asking:

Q_age: "What is your age?"	
begin_group - Group1: relevant="${Q_age} >= 18 and ${Q_age} <= 25"
begin_group - Group2: relevant="${Q_age} >= 26 and ${Q_age} <= 35"

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