Collect 1.3 experimental GUI

Starting this thread in case Mitch wanted Community feedback on the
experimental GUI for recent versions of Android that he posted:

I installed it without problem over the current Collect 1.3 on my Samsung
Galaxy S4. The top bar works well, and does not bother me either in
appearance or function. I find that the shading and base line set it off
cleanly from the main screen.

Couple of observations:

  1. the S4 has a big 5 in/12.7 cm) screen, and on smaller screens the bar
    might cut into valuable screen real estate--I try to keep everything to a
    single visible screen so the user does not have to scroll down and risk
    missing stuff.
  2. a pop-up about "What's new?" upon installation might be useful to
    highlight the 3-dot function in order to avoid the kind of frustrated user
    reaction recently seen on this forum and in the Google Play reviews
  3. if it would not be too much work, it would be great be to give the users
    of recent Android versions an option to revert to the older GUI