Collect crashing periodically since v2024.1.0


In a recent update I had for an ODK survey that has been going on for the last 6-7 months, there has been several incidents of crash in the middle of the interview. I have checked the program and doesn't seem bug related pr programming issue. Has anyone noticed or encounter the same issue recently?

You should either get a dialog right at the time of the crash or when Collect restarts with more information. Please share what that message says so that we can look into it.

Do those questions have audio labels that autoplay by any chance? Do you use Android 13 Samsung devices? I'm working with another user who has reported an occasional crash with no error details and am wondering whether you could be experiencing the same.

Hi LN,

Yes, but I have another project with audios that are perfectly playing without much crash even though this one has more audios. This project was in use since August 2023, but it has been misbehaving starting from the second week of February. Prior to the crash issue all the age calculation formulas we had started to malfunction too. I believe it is the same project that you are talking with the other user too. I am testing it from both a Galaxy Tab A8 and Galaxy Tab S7. I am unable to reproduce the crash on the tablets I am using but the interviewers have been experiencing crash incidents even several times in a single interview. The tablets used by the interviewers are Galaxy Tab S7.


Can you please ask your colleagues if any have emailed with crash details? If so, I may already have the form. If not or unsure, can you please share the form so we can troubleshoot? If it can be public, please attach it here. If not, you should be able to click on my name and send me a direct message.

Morning LN, I think you already have it. I would also be good if you could check the age-related variables and their calculations.