Collect forms stopped loading to Google sheet

The form I made submitted data to the Google sheet specified in the form just fine about 600 times, then stopped. The data includes a photo (sometimes marked-up) and a geopoint widget (so, coordinates), for a total of 22 columns. According to the ODK app the subsequent forms were sent successfully, but I don't see them.
I've tried sending a test form without photo or coordinates, but nothing came through. I also looked at the fallback URL sheet, and nothing was there.
I suspect some limitation on the Google side, but I can't find any indication of it.
I'm using Collect v1.17.2 on my Samsung S7 phone.

I'd like to get this working again, but at the moment the more important issue for me is recovering the lost data.
I really appreciate any thoughts.


If you have configured Google AppEngine recently, activate the free trial for a year and you will get $300 credit if not then you need to set up the billing account for AppEngine.


Are you suggesting the Google AppEngine is a solution to my problem somehow?

Yes, I think, your issue is with Google account.

Hi @Arbori! I'm sorry you are having issues with the Google Sheets integration.

Unless you've explicitly deleted the forms from your device, they should still be there. You can confirm by going to View Sent Form and tapping on the forms you've sent.

The Google Sheets limitation is on order of millions of cells, so the ~1,300 that you have should not be an issue. If you form can be shared in public, can you please attach it to this topic?

Also, what, if anything has changed between the submissions working and the submissions not working?

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OK, great.
Do you have any ideas about what the problem might be, and how to resolve it? Your first response seems to suggest that the free services Google provides in their Drive may not be sufficient to manage the data coming in. Is that right?

Thanks so much,


O thanks so much, Yanokwa,
Yes, the Sent forms are still viewable on the app, however since they are finalized I fear getting that data will be laborious at best.

That’s also my impression — that I am well within the data limits of Sheets. One clue is that in checking to make sure I hadn’t run out of free storage space on my Drive account, I see that some of the photos ODK Collect sent but which did not make it onto the destination Sheet, ARE in my drive account!

Also, the destination Sheet registers submittal of ODK forms as “edits.”

Here is the form made:

The only thing which changed was that I added two more people and their android devices. Some of both of their data came through, but not all, an now nothing seems to.



Hi again,
I found the data in the Google sheet but strangely, the data fields for the final 51 forms are offset by 16, 21 or 22 columns for each successive form submitted. The result is that I have a Google Sheet which should be 22 columns wide, but which is over 1000!

It seems to have begun with the third data collector of three of us sending his finalized forms. Then It happened to me after that too (I was the original sender of forms to the Google Sheet).

I can manually justify all these columns, but going forward I wonder if anyone knows why this may have happened?