Collect: Project settings - Allow complex emojis in icon

The multiple project feature is brilliant. Currently, the Icon can handle one character which is great for emojis. But it would be good to support complex emojis like the Argentina Flag (:argentina:) which combines 2 unicode characters.

I have the source code of Collect. I could make the modifications myself if someone points me to the class file


Glad to hear you're enjoying multiple projects!

Thanks for bringing up the issue with complex emojis. We spotted it but forgot to file an issue and haven't had time to address it. A contribution would be welcome and if you get it in by next week it can likely go in a point release. OneSignTextWatcher performs the truncation as the project icon is manually set. Then ProjectDetailsCreator.createProjectFromDetails ensures that what is saved is truncated no matter how the icon was set.

Please start by filing an issue with a proposed approach -- I don't think this is quite obvious.

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OK. I'm on it.


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OK. Done and tested.

Complex emoji support is now in ODK Collect v2021.2. Thanks for the PR, @qlands!