Collect user/implementer documentation

I am working today and probably tomorrow on a user/implementer guide for the Collect App.

Adam, how can I help with that?

I'm glad you asked!

If you have (or know of) frequent or common problems that users of Collect have, which are not currently addressed by any "official" documentation, please share in this thread.

Also, if you know of any unofficial documentation (blog posts, personal tips, etc.) which would be hard to find if you didn't already know about them, this thread would be a good place for that also.

I am, of course, looking through old forum/mail-list posts for this sort of thing, but your additional help is (of course) helpful.

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I am working on Documentation of collect code.
Is this thread related to Documentation of collect code for new contributors?

This thread was not for that originally. I am working on user and third-party developer docs, not internal docs for developers of Collect.