Collecting user email address in form metadata

I am totally new to this, but have been experimenting with form design and use - using Build.

I notice that the ODK Collect has in the Form Metadata user defined section the Username, Phone Number and Email address

When adding a metadata field to a form, I cannot see the Email address as an option, whereas User and phone are.

Is there an option I cannot see? I have not tried XLSForms, but there is no info on this option in the docs I can find either. Seems odd that the metadata is there, but no option to select this data.

Is there an xml tweak, or do I need to submit this as a feature request.

The reason this would be useful would be to enable a mail merge triggered upon submission of a form, that sends the form data to the submitter's email.

Hi @TomC

looks as if that option is missed in ODK Build. Please try to do that using xls, here is an example: email.xlsx (4.9 KB)

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Thanks for that - have not yet used xlsform. Managed to find a workaround by adding the phone metadata and editing the xml coding to email. Works, but would be better to have it in Build.

FYI I opened a Build github issue request for this here

Thanks for that. Not a github user, but have also added a Feature request in the
features forum

In mean time, you can insert the desired metadata manually after saving the XML form definition out of Build (if you are not already do that...). Details are documented in the ODK Spec

I have managed to discover a workaround via adding the cellphone metadata and enhancing the xml coding to email. Check this site that Works with free email generator, however might be better to have it in Build.