Comma separated in calculate

Hi all!, I have a problem on my currency format, I need to add comma after sum of all salaries. I am using ODK Collect and I tried to add thousands-sep in apperance of calcuation of total salaries but it doesn't work. I want to show the sum of all salaries with comma seperated. I hope someone will solve this problem. Thank you!

Hi @diondion
could you attach your form (a small version of it if it's big)? And/or provide a sample results here? I'm not sure if I understand correctly what you want to achieve so it would help.

What I want to explain here is these variables inside calculation column has thousands-sep. Is there a way to sum it up with thousands-sep?

thousands-sep is just one of the appearances we use in ODK Collect. That means it's just used to display answers in a form in a particular way. When you save a form your answers are normal, without any separators so you can calculate those values like it didn't use that appearance.
As I understand you probably want to calculate those values and then again display with thousands-sep. Since we support that appearance only in case of number widgets you need to display the result in such a widget as well. It would look like this:
thousands-sep.xlsx (7.9 KB)

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Hi sorry for the late reply, this solution solved my problem! Thank you for helping me @Grzesiek2010 :grinning: :clap: :clap: