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Hi Everyone,
I am wondering if there are committees or groups of volunteers from around the world working together for the common cause in improving and testing OKD software releases?

Where can I find the space/pages for the committees or groups if they already exist?. I think it will be a great asset to see people working together to achieve a common goal.

The following are some of my ideas that comes in mind when I refer to committees and groups.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions Committee
  2. ODK Field Validation Committee
  3. OKD Software Validation & Regulatory Committee
  4. OKD Training Collaboration Committee

Again, I am not sure if Yaw and his expert team do organize webinar sessions to demonstrate some of the key highlights for OKD software releases?

I am happy to offer my help and thought in setting up the committees and groups.

Please vote to indicate if you are in favour or disagree with my suggestions

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@barhin Thank you for asking about ways you can help! I think there are a couple of options available that aren't as heavy as committees.

  • If you want to help with frequently asked questions, you can watch and answer questions in the support category. If those questions are due to a lack of documentation, you can also file docs issues and resolve them at
  • For field/software validation, you can watch the pre-releases category and test the betas when they are announced. Our releases all have detailed release notes that help you learn what the highlights are.

Did you know about these resources? Do they sound like good opportunities for you to help?