Complicated form; managing repeats/loops determined by choose one answer

I have built a form to collect animal capture data for a ecological trapping survey, using ODK build. The form has multiple relevance items throughout the form that differ from section to section (aka depending on what species is caught/sex/stage of the survey etc). There are a couple of groups within the form to make it more user friendly (for data entry on the Trimble, e.g. showing group questions on the same page). Currently the form can only be used to record one capture at a time. The survey has 4 traps at each site so I would like to have one form per site (aka four repeats of the questions for each form) But there would have to be a question at the start of each repeat to determine if there was a capture in that particular trap. If there was no capture then the form will move to the next trap, until data for all 4 traps for that site, then the form will be saved. The goal form would look something like this:

end group
choose_one: capture/OWB/CWB

Group:capture 1> relevance :Choose_one = capture


end Group:capture 1

choose_one: capture/OWB/CWB

Group:capture 2> relevance :Choose_one = capture


end Group:capture 2

choose_one: capture/OWB/CWB

Group:capture 3> relevance :Choose_one = capture


end Group:capture 3

choose_one: capture/OWB/CWB

Group:capture 4> relevance :Choose_one = capture


end Group:capture 4

I built the form initially on ODK build, then opened it as an XLS form in excel to try built in the repeat groups (I only added one repeat to test it). I did what I thought was right in Excel, then uploaded the form to Eketo to see if it would run the way I expected, which it did not. The output in Enketo was only the metadata group, and the decision questions (aka choose_one: capture/OWB/CWB). I have tried running the form on the trimble (we use ODK collect) and it had the same form as Enketo apear.

I have limited coding experience so I am hoping its just my lack of knowledge that is stopping me from solving this...

I will attach the form in its current state if anyone wants to have a look!


Hi @Adelesaurus

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when it comes to your problem, please attach your form. The description is not super clear so maybe it will help.

Thanks for replying, I don't know how to attach the form??

There is an option:

if it doesn't work you can also use an external file uploader like and paste a link here.

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