Conditional hints

1. What is the general goal of the feature?
Currently, in order to give a specific hint to a sub-category of respondents, I have no choice but to create a clone of my question, set 'relevant' accordingly in that clone and assign a hint to that clone. It would be easier if I could have just one question with a conditional hint. Something like a 'hint_relevant' column in the 'survey' tab.
Having this feature would reduce clutter in the Excel form and the chance of making an error.
2. What are some example use cases for this feature?
I have two categories of respondents: those living without other adults and those living with other adults. I am asking a question about the respondent's income. If he/she lives with other adults, I need to give them a hint 'Please do not include money received from other adults living with you'.
3. What can you contribute to making this feature a reality?
I'd be happy to be a tester

Hi @Filip , Welcome on OpenDataKit forum. Please don't hesitate to Introduce yourself here!

A good workaround could be to use a note, with your hint, and to fill the relevant condition with your test.

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I like @mathieubossaert's workaround. Another option would be to use a calculation with if to build the hint text. This would look like:

if(${live_with_other_adults} = 'yes', 'Please do not include money received from other adults living with you', '')

Note that you have to do this as a separate calculation rather than directly in the hint column because hints aren't evaluated as expressions. However, any field used in the hint text is replaced with its value.

You can see a working form here.


Hi @LN and @mathieubossaert! Thanks a lot for your suggestions. I have tried both and have decided to go for the second solution. Best wishes, Filip