Confused by repeating questions "do not add" / "add" dialog

Hi all, first post here.

1. What is the problem? Be very detailed.

I'm confused about how repeating questions

work in regard of the "do not add" / "add" dialog that shows after the user finishes to answer a set/group of repeating questions.

In concrete what is my doubt:

I expect that (and I would like to know if I'm wrong) is that if I define a way to control the number of repeating questions

this dialog should not show, but it seems I can't find a way of get rid of it.

In the above doc page there is a phrase that seems to confirm my expectations: "If the enumerator won't know how many repetitions are needed ahead of time, you can still avoid the "Add new group?" dialog by using the answer to a question to decide whether another repeat instance should be added".

That dialog does not makes sense to me when the number of repetitions is controlled (fixed or dynamic). Even in a simple case where the number is fixed, say 2, then after the second repetition the dialog shows anyway allowing the user to enter a third, fourth... set of answers, beating the logic of the functionality(?). Moreover the dialog shows also in between repetitions... but why if I already configured the form for a fixed (or variable, but well defined within the form) number of repetitions?

2. What app or server are you using and on what device and operating system? Include version numbers.

I'm using the latest version of Collect, but a slightly old version of Aggregate on a Linux Server, not sure if this can be a factor in my problem.

I would appreciate any clarification.


I just checked with the most recent version of Aggregate if it made any difference, and as expected it does not.

I think that the most puzzling thing is how

seems to work: in the provided example the user is presented with a question yes/no ("more_plants") that if answered "yes" means that implicitly he/she wants to answer to a new round of repeating questions, yet the dialog "do not add" / "add" is presented anyway.

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That is correct. Are you absolutely sure you don't have a typo in the repeat_count column name? If you don't, please share the simplest possible form that reproduces the behavior you are experiencing and let us know how you are converting your form from XLSForm (e.g. XLSForm Online).

@LN ohhh, this is embarrassing... it was a type indeed. It was a form I got from another person and I assumed it was well formatted. Sorry for the noise and thanks for the support!

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