Connect ODK to ESRI Portal

Hello everyone!
My organization has programmes in different Countries, so we set up an ESRI Portal where all our data are stored, in order to manage them centrally from our HQ.
Unfortunately, in the Country where I am working at the moment we can't use Survey123 to collect data (for legal reasons). To be more specific, ESRI told us we can't use it on online capacity, meaning that we can collect our data using Survey123, but we can't then send them to the portal, unless we physically take them out of the Country and then send them to the portal (obviously not a suitable solution).
We decided then to use ODK to collect data on the field, as it's a reliable app and as for Survey123 is based on XLS forms.

Now, my question is: is there any way to send the data collected with ODK directly to a feature layer hosted on the ESRI portal? Otherwise I have to send the data from ODK to a server, export them to csv and the upload them on the ESRI portal, but I was wondering if it's possible to automate this process.

Thank you in advance to anyone who will reply.

Unless ESRI Portal happens to support an OpenRosa-compatible interface for submitting data, no there is not a direct way [short of a custom ODK Collect version].

In addition to exporting/importing csv files, there are other means of getting data ODK Aggregate to process elsewhere; see Getting Data Out Of Aggregate. I might suggest publishing (streaming) submissions out of Aggregate as JSON to a (custom) service running somewhere, which will then massage the data into a suitable format to upload into ESRI, all of which can all be automated.

It'd take a bit of development effort but its certainly possible. And if you are going to have to use ODK Collect instead of Survey123 elsewhere for your data collection, but still require the data to end up in ERSI, this could be a worthwhile long-term investment.

Alternatively, if you are willing to go with pre-release code, you could submit ODK Collect results to Central instead of Aggregate, and see if you can use Central's OData feed to get the data over to ESRI. See Connecting to submission data over OData for details.

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Hello Dr. Bestor,

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply. Good to know that there is a way, it will be definitely worth it to spend some time and resources on this.



I was wondering if you succeeded in connection ODK with the ESRI Portal. If so, is it possible to share the solution?