Connect Tableau with Aggregate server

Hello All,

I just initiated data collection for a project and since their requirement is to connect their data with Tableau, I am submitting data to Google sheets. The good thing about Google sheets, it updates the tableau dashboard on realtime.

But there is a problem: The project workers would like to collect data using both Android and on Windows PC.

Now I need to adopt one of the following options:

  1. I need to find a way to collect data using both Windows PC and Android to Google sheets, I do not know whether that is doable! or
  2. Connect tableau to the backend database of Aggregate server, ODK Central or KoBo Toolbox

Your suggestion will be appreciated.


It should be straightforward to connect Tableau to a Central server directly.
See the docs about Connecting to submission data over OData. This will have the added benefit of being more secure than Google Sheets! Unfortunately Enketo web forms are not yet integrated into the Central install process. Although that feature is funded, and coming soon!

Also, it's possible to publish data received by an Aggregate server to Google Sheets. See the docs on Getting Data Out of Aggregate > Google Sheets.

We don't support question about KoBo Toolbox on this forum, but it should be possible to connect Tableau to data via the KoBo API. You can ask on their forum if that's something you'd like to explore.

Dear @danbjoseph,

Thanks for your guidance. I found the option 2 most convenient.

Previously I tried this option and found that the published Google sheets don't get updated based on the live data. Is it how it should be? There something I need to do to ensure that the published data gets updated based on the submissions to the Aggregate server.



Why not make a simple web-based page to have all the questions listed, and let the user fill it from there? Also, use google forms?


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