Connecting GoDaddy and DigitalOcean DNS

Hello everyone,

First of all is it ok that I first install central then setup DNS?

I followed install odk central and I am not sure about this part:

I am very new at this, installed Central via Docker. Created domain at goDaddy.

So in goDaddy added DNS records, choose type A, name left @ and for name and copy ip adress from my droplet.
In digitalOcean (this part of step i stuck), what do you mean IP address we found above? I add domain and what I am supposed to do in manage domain?

Whichever option you choose, once you get a domain name you'll want to look at DigitalOcean's guide on setting up domain names for your Droplet. In general, you'll point your domain name in DigitalOcean's direction at your registrar, then in DigitalOcean itself you'll want to create an A record that points to the IP address we found above.

Hello Hrvoje

I did it in a different way, I bought the domain with godaddy, I transferred the control of the DNS with DigitalOcean and after creating the dopplet in DigitalOCean and installing CENTRAL, I assigned the dns with the IP of the dropplet.

Thank you,

can you clarify which ssl you used? is there something additional to be adjusted about the ssl protocol in the .env file?

Ok it works!
I just needed to wait few minutes more.
SSL is automatically set up with no further configuration changes required.
Still can't send emails to clients but I think that is because I need to Configuring DKIM.

Hello, is correct, I don´t modify any else in the .env. At this moment Idon´t use the send email, I create the users directly by console and they can acces with the pass that I assign. Sometimes the users can´t recive the email to configure the password, so, by console I put the password to users. Maybe is for the domains, hotmail, yahoo, etc. with gmail I don´t have problem.