Connecting ODK to DHIS2 - Consultant?



We use ODK a lot for data collection for an array of projects and in many countries. We typically use as our server. However, we are switching to DHIS2 as an organization. I would like to continue using ODK-based mobile data collection, and would like to explore connecting ODK data to DHIS2.

Is there an easy way to link ODK data to DHIS2? Or Ona to DHIS2? Or is that something for which a developer should be contracted? If someone could assist, please reply with approximate rates and time required to connect, let's say for example, 10 questions from an ODK based survey (that maybe is longer in itself) to an already up and running instance of DHIS2, where those questions would fill out Data Elements (that do not yet exist but can be made for this ODK data).

Thank you!

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