Connection Timing Out with domain via Free DNS

Hi all,

Thank you in advance for this.

We are working on a large-scale fuel use project in Peru, and using ODK Collect for both quantitative instrument operations and qualitative survey administration. We are hosting our ODK platform on, which is being shared via Free DNS (, "a dynamic DNS domain sharing project".

Originally, we did have to put some administrative measures in place, which included setting up an administrative account, as well as several smaller access accounts. Now, when we use the link we would normally use to access out platform, the connection will time out. In any computer web browser, we simply receive the standard notification in the browser window that our connection has timed out. On our tablets (Samsung Galaxy Note N7000, Android 4.1.2), we receive the following notification,

"Form listing failed. Parsing failed with failed to connect to (projecturl) (port 443) after 30000ms while accessing (projecturl)."
(This was an attempt to access new forms, to check server access)

ignorelist as a domain seems to be up and transmitting information, but we cannot access our ODK platform/dashboard through it.

Any thoughts, anyone? On how to access the dashboard itself, or at least the data? Then we can find and new host.

Thanks again!

Cuéntanos sobre el odk aggregate que estás utilizando...
Estás desplegando el war
O usando una conexión a la vm
Cuéntanos sobre cómo instalaste el odk
Puede que te falte algún paso..

Hi Joaquin-- thank you for your reply. Perhaps I should be more clear-- the platform was up and running and functioning well. We were able to deploy the surveys on multiple devices, and access the data from multiple devices and accounts as well. We collected a large data set in multiple surveys. It is only now that we cannot access the dashboard, as the connection is timing out.

Firstly, free DNS is always a bad idea on big projects. You must buy a regular domain and DNS and work behind that. Secondly, 443 is SSL port. Did your website/domain recently got a refreshed SSL certificate or something similar? I suggest you move the platform to non-SSL port (like 8080) and try accessing that. In addition, as a check, please do see if your server URL is handling SSL or not (must have https://).