Constraining options based on specific "date" select (15.2 KB)

In a form, we need to introduce a constraint that if in the previous question 2017 is selected as the date (the form is attached) the next question will show only the first two options about duration. Any help or advise is appreciated.

Hi Anahit!

Here's what I'd do.

First, in the year column of your choices, include 2017 on the sections you want to show up with 2017.

Then I'd have two select-one questions. One for the current year that is relevant (format-date(${year_estab},'%Y') = ${con_currentyear}) when the year is 2017 and another when the year is not 2017.

For the first question, use a choice_filter where year = ${con_currentyear} and for the second question, use a choice_filter where year != ${con_currentyear}

I've attached a rough implementation below:
date.xlsx (15.6 KB)

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Hi Yaw,

Terrific solution! Thanks Yaw:)
Just a small addition E5 survey (15.5 KB)