Constraint condition for some common words

Hello ODKers,

Can i make text box not accept some values . For example text box should not accept "Hospital" or "hospital" or "hOspital" etc . i.e irrespective of the case of alphabets it should not accept the word . Similarly can we do it for multiple values like Hospital , Sub Center and etc . I have tried few ways but didn't get required output.

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Maybe you can try using regex?

Hello @Grzesiek2010 ,
With regex can we add a condition not to accept some "words" ? . I have tried using "not" . It was helpful only for single word not multiple words.

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I don't know regex good enough but I'm pretty sure it must be possible. For example, it's a regex which accepts only word hospital (case insensitive):
(?i)\hospital\b’ so you need to negate this regex only (?).