Constraint on multiple select

1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.
i have a different type of study in which i am asking about usership of different brands i.e.
Q1.Top of Mind
Q2.Spont Awareness
Q3:MOUB (choice filter = brand selected in TOM+Spont) [DONE]
Q4:Usage of Other Brands (choice filter = brand selected in TOM+Spont and eleminate MOUB) [DONE]
Q5:Last 3 month usage (Now i want to add constraint on this question that MOUB+Other Brand Usage must be select in Q5 and user can also select any other brand)..

please note i cannot change the seqence of questions, please suggest any solution in constraint please

Hi @noman.s2325 can you share a short version of your form (including Q1-Q5 and the choice options)? I think I have done similar filtering, but it's a bit hard to tell from your description what you need.

In general, using acronyms (MOUB) and unclear descriptions (Spont Awareness) makes it difficult to give specific help. So an example form will help.