Constraints error logging in audit.csv

Hi, does anyone here knows how to use this constraint error event on audit file? I need to record all constraint errors when answering the form. I am using ODK Collect v1.30.1

This event will be enabled if you have enabled audit logging
However, it is only saved if you try to save your form and exit not every time you pass a wrong value in your form and try to navigate to the next question. Is this a problem in your case?

Hi @Grzesiek2010 I already enabled my audit logging, yes in my case I need to record every time I passed a wrong value in my form for error listing. Do you have an idea to solve my problem? :smile:

With the current implementation, it's not possible. @LN do you remember why we decided to log it only on save?

A constraint violation on save is unusual and interesting. It means that the user bypassed constraint checks by closing and reopening the form, jumping, etc. It could point to an opportunity to change the form structure to make it easier to navigate and/or to update training. Constraint violations during form entry are common and expected so would generate a lot of noise.

@diondion what is your underlying requirement? What would you do with information about each time a constraint violation was experienced and how would you process it?

Thank you for the replies @Grzesiek2010 @LN . The reason why I need to record the constraints because we need to add it on our Error Listing