Controlling survey flow?

Hi Yaw..
How about this one..

Hide one of two questions when you swipe to their page and display it when you swipe back onto their page?
I have three screens.. I want to hide one of the two questions when I get to screen two, then move to screen three but a condition on screen three is not met, the interviewer can swipe back, see the question that was hidden now being displayed, and chose one option y/n inorder to move to the end of the survey and save it.

~ Saduma

Hi @Saduma, what have you tried so far? There is a lot of documentation at and What could you get to work and what didn't work?

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Hi @danbjoseph,
I found a way out however not as I had pictured it up there. On my second screen, I just left one question (CompoundID), then introduced another page in between screen two and three so I now had four screens/pages. Then put the Yes/No question on now screen three and pushed my GeoPoint to screen four.. I had initially asked about restricting interviewers from moving next if the gps accuracy was >5 and thanks to someone here (sorry I cant remember their name but I will make sure I thank them some day), they helped me use selected-at(.,3)<5

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