Convert excell to XLSForm

eu trabalhei no execell normal como posso converter em XLSForm, porque quando tento anexar no servidor ONA .io esta me recomendar para o documento estar em XLSForm sou pricipiante no uso de ODK

I worked in the normal execell, how I can convert it to XLSForm, because when I try to attach it to the ONA server. recommend for the document to be in XLSForm I am new to using ODK
Thank you

Hi @BigOfice

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Your file should be in normal xls/xlsx format here you can find what such a file should contain

This forum can help with general XLSForm design questions and the core ODK software as listed in the ODK docs. For problems with ONA services you can check They have a Form Authoring Overview guide that includes details specific to the ONA service.