Converting data from .sps to .sav

Hello ODK forum,
I used to export ODK collect (version 1.10.0) data in .sps form.
Tried many times, but can't open it in SPSS. Can anyone help me how to convert .sps data into .sav to open it in SPSS for analysis?

Helou tsegaye, the sps file only contain the labels and values of the data, the SAV is all the data from a cvs , xls or another kind of file.
Where do you get the sps from? ODK Collect or ODK Central.


Thank you Abelinuxmx,
I got this from ODK Collect version 1.10.0. When I export the collected data in .sps form, I am unable to access the real data. Thanks, CSV and XLS are solving my problem.

My worry was if there is room to convert .sps syntax-based data into SAV data for analysis.