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Hi Good people,
I have created a form and I keep getting the ODK validate error. Here is the error message Error: b'ODK Validate Errors:\n>> Something broke the parser. See above for a hint.\nDependency cycles amongst the xpath expressions in relevant/calculate\n\nResult: Invalid'
I would like your help to go through the form and identify where the problem is. I have been at it for hours now and I keep coming back with nothing.

Thank you for your help
I have attached the form.KAP_SURVEY_FINAL_29FEB2020.xlsx (100.7 KB)

Dear @Vsamuel,

Please check line 692. The name is othergoth, and the relevant for that line refers to itself ${othergoth}=1.

The way I found it was just by noting that the error mentioned a dependency cycle in relevant. So I just deleted the relevant column to be sure, and found that the error was no longer there. Here was my process of elimination:

  • I then just started deleting chunks of "relevant" formulas to narrow it down. For example, I deleted all relevant formulas from rows 500-900, and there was no error.
  • So I knew the error was in those rows.
  • Then I undid that, and deleted relevant formulas in rows 700-900.
  • The error was still there, so that told me the error was somewhere between row 500-700.
  • One more test told me the error was somewhere between row 600 and 700.
  • Then I just took a look at those relevant formulas, and found the problem in line 692.

Hopefully that explanation helps,

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Here was my process of elimination:

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Many thanks for your response and well detailed process to get to this error. I have made the change and forms is working perfectly.


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