Copy respond content displayed as a note to another Application

Am looking to send the information gathered with ODK to another App by copying and paste to that Application, is there a way to allow ODK to permit information acquired to be easy copied for easy pasted to another App?

Waiting to hear back from you how possible this can be as i have tried to find that and only the possibility i can see it to use the source code, let me know if there is another way to do without editing the source code.

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The only automatic way of passing data from ODK Collect to another app is by Launching External Apps

Hi @Grzesiek2010
Sorry, I have uploaded my ID already and thanks for your reply.

Regarding Launching External Apps and it has to be compartible to take the data off the ODK, Any thoughts of having a program (may be python) that goes to parse data from the ODK results, copy those interested one and enable another to open and paste them waiting for your command to send them, how possible will it be?

I think you would need to be more specific. Could you describe the flow step by step in detail?