Corrupted image in Aggregate database

we have been using the ODK form to collect data in a humanitarian organization and we integrated it with a web-based system, all ODK data will be transferred to that system, and from time to time some submissions that have photos data the value in (Blob table) saved as a corrupted image, even we limited the image size inside the ODK app setting.

I am sharing the raw data of one of the corrupted image values, we would appreciate anyone who has any ideas to solve that issue

As you probably know Aggregate has reached end-of-life is no longer being updated or supported.

That said, your best bet is to figure out if there is a common pattern in the corruption (e.g., are they all from the same make/model of device) and go from there. If you write to the database or have modified Aggregate in some way, that's also a potential place to start exploring.

Also, presumably this system has been running for a long time. Think through what has changed recently that correlate to this corruption and that might also offer clues.

Are you able to see the images from web browser, especially on ODK Aggregate?

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Dear Saad,

unfortunately, images are broken on ODK Aggregate as well

the forms are submitted via the same device/model, as we experienced over 1000 forms that were sent to ODK servers 1-3 might face corrupted images, we didn't modify Aggregate at all, and we have a big uprunning project we can't upgrade right now.

Yes. On big projects, this has happened to me too. The data was lost in transmission somehow, its not the corruption at aggregate or database level. So you won't find any issue with aggregate config. But its very less count of distorted images, so a bearable loss for overall project.