Count repeat based on selected response from a Multiple question

Hello everyone,

I really need your help on this.

I have 3 questions:

  1. Q10

*(select_multiple)**2. *Q10a (text) *Q10a *if

  • Q10=Other.3. * *Q10b *that should be asked for all selected responses
    from Q10.

If *Q10 *responses are:

Radio :1 and
TV : 2 and
Other :10

In *Q10a *we will specify the "other:10" for example "Phone calls"

So *Q10b, *we want to ask it about "*Radio" *then *"TV" *then the Value in *Q10a
*which is:"Phone calls" but *NOT *the label "Other".

I have managed it to ask about all selected responses from Q10, but I want
to do two things:

  1. Exclude the response "Other" from being asked in *Q10b *(if "Other"

  2. Instead of having "Other", I want to ask about the text entered in

Q10a.Please find attached my xls form.Looking forward to hearing from
you.All the Best,Ali

Q10edited.xlsx (13.5 KB)