Counting all available choices from external file = Number of records that match

**What is the problem?

I would like to know if it is possible to count total number of available choices. I mean just like count-selected but all (selected + notselected).

My specific challenge is that I need to select_one from external csv file choices into a repetition group I would like to limit max. number of repeats based on number of available choices. In a basic search would be the number of records of external file. With a filter like search('CSVfile', 'matches', 'column', 'something'), will be number of matches..

select_one X appereance= search('CSVfile')

Thanks for your help

Has someone an answer ?
I need to know how many choice are written in an external file.

Same problem, can someone please help? @LN
Thank you!

Nothing has changed. There is a topic you can investigate Counting the number of all options in a select_one / select_multiple variable