Crashing during Data Gathering

Hi all, is anyone here experience loss of data, during data collection? I am currently interviewing someone then the application goes black screen and goes back from the start(first question). I am using ODK collect 1.30.1

I tried to check the xml file on instances folder but the data is not there or not saved.

I hope someone can help me in this problem. Thank you!

What device (hardware) and Android version are you using? Are you able to attach the form here? (And if not, is there anything complex or large about the survey? Complex survey logic? Etc?)

I am using Samsung Galaxy Tab A with Android version 10. I'm sorry I can't upload my forms here because its has confidential data.

The survey has too many skipping patterns and has 2000k+ lines in xlsform

2,000 lines? 200,000 lines? i think "2000k" would be 2,000,000 (which is beyond the limit of Excel)?

is it that many lines on your survey tab?

or your choices tab?

Most mobile devices released in 2019 or later can handle lists of 50,000 or more without slowdowns.

if you have complex survey logic, it might be causing a problem. here's an example where the formula in a repeat_count was breaking a form under certain circumstances:

is there a particular action (like saving, or swiping back to a previous question) that you can pinpoint as causing the issue? or a particular point in the form when things tend to break?

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Does this happen every time you take a survey or just sometimes? if its just sometimes, is it random or under certain conditions?

Actually on my survey Tab, it almost 3000 Lines. And the crash happens once only during my data collection. Is it the problem on the size of my xml file or from the specification of my tablet?

Once only @KeynesYouDigIt. I have a hunch its from the tablet because there is many applications running at a time?

That could be, If possible take this survey a few times (5-10) with only collect running and see how it goes.

Okay thank you for this @KeynesYouDigIt I will monitor the tablet that I'm using :slightly_smiling_face: