Create a case study template

What would a case study template look like? Would more community members contribute case studies if there was a document to help them organize their thoughts?

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I think it's a great idea. Since the goal is the social good, smaller organizations would benefit from the experience of larger and such diverse projects. I've only used odk in a small project but I'm convinced of the great potential of the community and will document my next endeavours

David have you seen a good case study example that you could share?

Hi Yaw!
The only one I know apart from the ones listed on the site is this:
In fact I'm making a dissertation based on it, with urban spiders. I'm
making a a field guide and hopefully a GIS, I will share it when/if it
I saw there were lots of ecologists working with ODK it would be nice to
have a guide to kickstart this kind of projects.