Create Entities immediately when submissions are received

In Kobotoolbox, xml-external data sharing does not require a form to be approved in order to retrieve data using the instance command; however, ODK Central does not. is there a method to obtain data without approval?

Hello @Devendra_Patankar, please try to organize your inquiries into the appropriate category, as this one would fit into support. Features are more relevant when you suggest how an existing feature could be improved with supported proof.

Refering to your inquiry see this from the documentation

When Submissions arrive and are approved, Central will create new Entities that will appear in follow-up Forms as soon as those Form updates are received.

I also advise you to check out the documentation here

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Hi @Devendra_Patankar and thanks for your message. Starting with Central v2023.3 which will be released at the end of the month, by default, entities will be created automatically when a form is received. It will still be possible to require approval for entity creation. For Datasets created before v2023.3, approval will continue to be required unless you change the setting.


Thank LN we are waiting for this version.