Create template for ODK Collect users

Hello everyone,

I am wondering if there is a way to create a ODK Collect settings template, that will apply to all newly created users. I am trying to run a system, where each worker has an app user created for them, which includes their name and last name. Creating app users in ODK Central is fine, but they get a new QR every time. The thing is, there are some options I want disabled by default on the ODK Collect, but don't want to go through the settings for each and every worker. I saw you can generate a code in the ODK Collect app, but I don't see how it's possible to create a new user out of this, since the ODK Collect instance then just becomes the other app user.

Hopefully I have made my problem clear. I will be extremely grateful for any ideas on how to go about this issue.


If you're comfortable using Python this script from @LN will take a series of names, provision App Users for them, and build a PDF of configuration QR codes for them.


@mapo we hope to eventually make the QR codes configurable from Central. We're not sure when that will happen, though. For now @danbjoseph is right that your best bet is scripting the QR code and/or App User creation.

I have now updated that gist to use pyodk which is now available. I put some example settings in my script, you can configure any of the available settings by referencing the documentation.

You can also do something similar to build one Public Access Link per person/role/etc:

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