Creating a new project on Google Cloud Platform

What is the problem? Please be detailed.
When I am trying to create a new project on Google Cloud Platform, after assigning the language and the environment a message about create a "Billing Account" appears on.

A co-worker did the same and the message did not appear on his computer and he could create the project without problem.

What can I check or change for solve this problem?

Thank you in advace.


The issue is quite unusual! I created many projects of AppEngine without any billing information. Have you activated your free trial of Google for 1 year? 2nd thing is, do you have any due for any other projects on the same account?


Hi man,

I am not sure how to check if I have activated the free trial of google and I have 3 more projects with this same account.

Thank you.

Hi javier,

In that case, you may have unpaid bills for one or more of the 3 other projects. You have two options, sign up for another Google account and deploy your new project under that account or set up a billing account on your existing account.

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Hi Imram,

Thank you for your answer, I will do what you telling me to do, let's see what happen?
I will introduce myself and add a real picture as soon as I have some free time. It will be during this week.


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