Creating a repeat within a repeat

Hi guys! In my case i am using begin repeat and begin group. What i would want to happen is to repeat a group of questions having repeat question in it. can i do it ?? how?

What are the possible cases i can do? i tried to make a new group having "Would you like to have a next survey?". I am having trouble making a syntax for it. when it says yes then it will jump to the SUBSTATION GROUP. if not then it will end the survey. PLEASE HELP GUYS!!HW_Survey.xlsx (17.4 KB)

Also guys. when i put the xml file on my android phone. after I input the 10th number and press okay the odk collapse? why is that ???

you can try this file to see if it works for you and let us know the feedback

HW_Survey_revised.xlsx (16.1 KB)

Thank you so much @FablaAbdul-Majeed

but after the this survey part. i would like to ask "Would you like to have a next survey"

i am also having trouble with this part. i think its just a small code by i really cant crack it. can you help me with again my friend ?

hi @ian8833, i have added some rows to this file from row 46 to 52, if the respondent say Yes to row 46, the group of questions in row 47 would be asked but if No, that group of questions would be skipped.


Hi sir Fabla,

HW_Survey_revised.xlsx (16.1 KB)

In this file sir, In row 46 to 52, there is nothing present editing sir. Maybe you've sent the wrong file sir ?

Thank you sir. very much excited for the update sir. hope it works sir. God bless us always

hi @ian8833 please find attached the file. HW_Survey_revised_new.xlsx (16.4 KB)