Creating a table using xlsform

How can i create a 5 by 3 table like this.
Screenshot 2024-05-29 124004

This is the xlsform code

Can you upload the XLSForm file? It might make it easier for people to troubleshoot.

Creating tables support.xlsx (9.5 KB)

Hi @kiprono_job

Here is a sample form that shows how to build such grid views for Enketo
Please keep in mind that this will not work in ODK Collect.

Thanks for the ideas,I have gone through the comments but its not giving me the desired exact output

What were you able to achieve by following @Grzesiek2010's example?

What is the purpose of the 5x3 table? What works well on paper does not always work well on a digital device. Are you using phones or tablets or a computer (with web forms) to fill out the survey?