Creating a unique ID

I am trying to create a unique ID that will use three components: Data collector ID - a 3 digit village code - timestamp of MMDDHHMMSS

It works until I try to add the time component. Here is what I have:2. OEM Participant v1.xml (10.5 KB)

Thanks in advance!

Hi @apavluck! Your post is missing some information that would be helpful for us to help you.

Can you upload either an .odkbuild or XLSForm with just data collector id + timestamp (a working version and the non-working version). It'd also be good to know...

  1. What happens exactly when it doesn't work.
  2. What you've tried to solve the problem?
  3. What version of Collect are you using. If you are using a fork, try the latest stock version.

Perhaps an easier solution for unique ID is to use instance ID.

Thanks for the input. I’m trying to use something unique but interpretable.

Do you have an example if I wanted to use the bind statement to present the data time as a read only variable? I can do this with any other variable in my form, but not with the date and time. But, those meta data are created automatically, right?

Thanks in advance,