Creating logic functions on the new ODK Build 0.3.5 & Aggregate 2.0.5 on windows platform

The functions on the support seems not to work on my newly configured ODK Aggregate. An Error always pops up when uploading.

If i follow Example expressions like ${bill_amount} * 0.18 the ODK Validator says

" > XForm is invalid. See above for the errors.
org.javarosa.xform.parse.XFormParseException: Invalid calculate for the bind attached to "/data/usdValue" : Couldn't understand the expression starting at this point: ?${bill_amount}... in expression ${bill_amount} * 0.18

Can you please post your actual form (suitably sanitized of personal data if necessary) so we might be able to confirm/determine the offending entry. thnx.

If you are using ODK Build, note that it does not support the ${} syntax for referring to other fields. If you need to refer to other fields, you can use a /data/ prefix. In your case, it looks like you would use /data/bill_amount. For fields that are in groups or repeats, the names of the groups or repeats also have to be included.


Thank @LN it worked.

For newbies like us it also means the manuals need to be updated as well.