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Dear Members, hello and best wishes,
sorry for posting irrelevant topic here, but i thought that most of members are expert and will instruct me in this regard.
i want to map all our sites (schools, health facilities....) and then my team could find that location without me. i want to add all sites to a map, and when our colleagues from head quarter want to visit that sits, the map should instruct them how to reach there (the route from his/her current location to our recorded sites).
is there any recommendation/solution???
thanks in advance for your help.

Would an approach like this work for you?

  1. Create your list of sites elsewhere (QGIS/OSM/Google maps etc) and export their coordinates and labels plus any other information fields
  2. Store this data as a GeoJSON/CSV/choices list
  3. Add a select_one with map appearance question to your form, this will bring up a map with all the sites as map pins, the team members can then select the pins, view the name/label/details and save/select the one they want.
  4. Use pulldata or instance to retrieve the coordinates from the list of sites for the chosen location
  5. Send the selected location to an external application to get directions from current location.

This post has a sample form where you can pick a location and it will use to navigate there. It predates the select from a map, but could be modified.

You could also use google maps / OSM in the same manner

@LN I had a quick shot at updating your example to add geometry and to use the maps appearance, works once you add a choice filter otherwise the points exist but don't display (Choices: 4 (0 shown on map) at bottom left), but it failed to launch (it's installed and the folder is on the tablet which matches the appearance string - assume the format of the action has changed?

The requested application is missing. Please manually enter the reading

wayfinding_v2.xlsx (15.1 KB)


Thank you so Much dear.

1 Like was sold a couple of years ago and has gone through some changes. I updated the example to use Organic Maps which is an open source of the original

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