CSV column heading " error

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Hi all, I'm trying to test a simple form (as attached) but prompted 'CSV column heading " ' error. It uses select_one_from_file feature. Fyi, the Central server is locally hosted. Your guidance is very much appreciated.


What version of Central are you running?
I checked in 2032.2 and it loaded fine in Enketo

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Hi Andrew. My Central version is as attached.

Could this be Ubuntu docker user permission on folder issue?


I published the form without test. Downloaded, filled and sent from ODK Collect. It works like what were said in discussion below.

Enketo preview with external file doesn’t work


I'm glad to hear it's working in Collect but very strange that the web form isn't working for you, I would expect it to and @ahblake's has confirmed it can work. The thread you link to is from 2017 and web forms now work with CSV files.

The error message you got is strangely cut off, the full message is CSV column heading "${header}" cannot be turned into a valid XML element. For some reason Enketo appears to try to do something with a blank column heading.

We'll try to investigate more soon but will consider it low priority unless others run into it. Thanks for updating the thread with your latest status!

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